About Us

Wolf’s Core Principles

Provide value to our clients.

Provide value to our clients.

Grow the company by hiring the right employees and consistently training and developing our staff to ensure growth to our clients, our employees and Wolf Retail Solutions.

Do what’s right for our clients, our employee’s and our community.

Results Oriented

At Wolf, we believe in accountability and actionable solutions that deliver the best results. No other merchandising company brings the same reputation, expertise, consistency and trustworthy service to the table.

Our managers at Wolf Retail Solutions are totally committed to providing the finest quality and honest service to all our clients. Each of them have immense experience in this field and have joined Wolf Retail Solutions because they believe in a common sense approach to merchandising and treating people with respect.

Experienced Professionals

Wolf Retail Solutions is made up of people from every aspect of the retail industry such as: store managers, district managers, executive managers, buyers and merchandisers.

Our staff understands that the end result has to be executed with superior quality. We look at what the client’s requirements are to build the program around their wants and needs.

Each project is assigned a manager that owns the program from pre-planning to follow-up. Every project, large or small, is very important to us.