Our Advanced Technology

Our Alphatrack platform helps you plan your move from start to finish.
The Patented software gives you full control and awareness. It allows you
to view, and customize your project in real time and on the go.

CAD Services

The Secret to Scalable

Successful outsourcing depends on quality, communication and control. Our work flow process is built on these critical functions. No matter the size of your company or project, we offer personal relationships and flexible options for integration, real-time communication and full control of your outsourced project.


Our Wolf staff is highly educated and experienced, with team members holding four-year degrees in all areas of specialization. Quality control is built into every project. Strict adherence to quality checks and passion for detail sets us apart.


We know that quality always depends on communication, and our first step is allocating a project manager to you. You will have a single point of contact and choose the methods that work best for you – email, telephone, web conferencing, FTP, or instant messaging. We overlap hours, so you’ll communicate in real-time to keep your project on schedule.

Store Mapping

Tool shop customers. Men choosing instrument at showcase for painting or carpentry work, paying at checkout counter, consulting salesman. Vector illustration for hardware store, house repair concept

The right department size begins with accurate space planning

In the retail industry, there is a critical need to manage available space – from the beginning of the supply chain to the shelf in the store. The effective use of this space can mean the difference between profitability and underperformance.

How do Retailers/Manufacturers keep up with store level changes?

Day-to-day operations in today’s retail environment are challenging at best. Because of this, it is vitally important that your merchandising space is used and managed efficiently. Retailers and manufacturers turn to us, a reliable retail merchandising service provider, to ensure that the correct merchandise is allocated to the appropriate store and in the requested quantities.