Our Retail Expertise

Years of experience in the retail space allows us to highlight
potential issues before they arrive. Our team of experts
can handle every aspect of your project, and with years of
trusted vendors in our network, our supply never runs dry.


Category Resets

We are experts in conducting large scale category resets. For years, we have been managing full category rests in national retailers encompassing millions of skus across hundreds of thousands of linear feet of shelves.


We have total U.S. coverage with over 1,500 experienced merchandisers ready to accomplish your retail goals. All merchandisers are hand selected and always interviewed by a member of our expert management team. Our employees come with industry leading experience, knowledge and all are W-2 employees.


We specialize in all types of merchandising and construction projects; whether a large project spread out over the course of the year and the total US; or a small seasonal project in a select region; we have the experience, manpower and resources to accomplish your sales and company goals.

Project Management

Custom Solutions

We provide a full range of project management services, from initiation to closing. Because project needs vary, we work with our clients to understand, plan, and implement services that are tailored to meet their individual needs.

Project or Phase Initiation

At Wolf Retail Solutions, we realize that the project initiation phase is one of the most important components of the project. We take the lead in hosting and scheduling project meetings, assigning and monitoring the status of action items, and documenting the existing workflows.

Project Planning

Our project planning process begins with baselining requirements, traceability matrix and developing a scope of work statement. We then sequence activities and determine the duration of each so that we can provide you with a detailed plan.

Project Execution and Monitoring

By consistently monitoring and controlling the project effort, we provide project teams with valuable insight to the project health. This insight helps provide early detection of areas requiring additional attention. We also work to ensure that the project remains in scope with only approved changes being implemented.